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Dec 9, 2012 9:35pm EST
graduate degrees masters and p.h.d.'s in science, technology, engineering, and math. and say if you graduate and you have a job awaiting you in america we're going to give you a green card. this should be the most basic of common sense because the remarkable thing these jobs now in a global economy can be anywhere in the world. not only those high-paying, high-skilled jobs themselves but sometimes support jobs. if you are an engineer you can be a computer engineer. part two, we get a few less nods on the second which is to advise what i believe policies. those folks lucky enough to stay in this country in many cases become indentured servants to the companies they work for because their ability to switch jobs or, god for bid, decide they want to be entrepreneurs and they are greatly restricted. even if folks study here or work here their ability to start that next a.o.l. is restricted. that kind of loss of talent goes to the heart of our ability to compete. we also create a brand new entrepreneur visa with a lower threshold that currently exists. this will be subject of some debate
Dec 8, 2012 3:35pm EST
. i understand there are agreements. are you looking at technology that will be used of the passenger rail system so we can achieve the highest possible? >> absolutely. this is defined as 110 miles per hour. >> do think that is a bad definition? >> that is a pretty fast train. look. i been on trains to spain and other countries and china the code to under 53 miles an hour -- tour de miles an hour -- 253 miles an hour. california where you are building new infrastructure, and do it at 2 under miles an hour. that is what we're going to do. in illinois the best we can do is 110 miles per hour. would we like to go to hundred? of course we would. it is not possible. >> it is a standard we can live with. >> that is right. there has been some criticism as well that the money that has not been spent yet, if you think it has been reasonable to has been the amount of money without developing the plan and making obligations for the studies that are required? is not ok to have obligated the money and still ask for more because we can obligate more ?hat's >> of the past four years we have not seen
Dec 10, 2012 12:35am EST
, the advancement of technology, the quality of the people we have -- they are the best i have seen in over 43 years and have had the privilege to wear the uniform. the pentagon -- will be fined from a defense standpoint. i would also pick up on what senator nunn said. i have seen this in countries and regions globally, where the failure to be able to invest in preventive defense, having a relationship, helping other military strain in their own countries, not being able to do that just increases the likelihood of some kind of conflict breaking out, which may or may not involve us. that preventative pieces one of the first pieces that leaves under this kind of pressure. i do think that with -- if this is well done, creating a framework that the national security team moving forward can put something in place which will address these specifically and can be done in 2013 -- falling off a cliff makes it very difficult. >> i have often said that i am an example of having hundley served in uniform twice with great consequence, but i have seen this defense structure since the closing year of world war ii
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3